Technology Capabilities

Our Claim Reconciliation Platform (“CRP”) provides the client and its advisors with a centralized, secure, web-based tool through which to extract, review, annotate and designate for treatment any claim or group of claims. Through this tool our clients can maintain maximum control over the administrative and substantive claims reconciliation process.

Our Case Alert System ("CAS") programmatically mirrors the Bankruptcy Court docket in real time and directly emails the docket text and each document to the client and its advisors.

CAS provides each member of the client's team (internal and advisory) an easy and efficient access point for docket information, eliminating the need to spend any time (at the client's expense) accessing Donlin’s docket or, more importantly, the Bankruptcy Court's docket.

Downloading a document from the Bankruptcy Court docket would cost the client $0.10 per page - multiplied by the number of the client's advisors who download the same document from this source. CAS allows the client's team to avoid this sort of "download duplication," thereby eliminating an unnecessary cost to the client.

Our Litigation tracking system ("LTS") is a proprietary tool that allows clients to manage and control multiple litigation matters, whether prosecuted in or out of the bankruptcy court. LTS provides a secure, centralized, web-based tool backstopped by dedicated support team services. Importantly, information can be compiled and maintained in real-time and in an organized fashion, saving time for case professionals and, thus, cost for the client. Features include:

  • Immediate access to information, including dates, discovery and settlement data
  • Simultaneous access to data fields by teams of professionals from the same or multiple locations
  • Customized data fields
  • Customized reports in Excel as needed basis
  • Email alerts regarding items (e.g., changes in demand or settlement amounts)
  • High level of security with encrypted information and optional RSA protection
  • Cloud backup of redundant systems
  • Word search feature for individual or multiple adversary proceedings
  • 24/7/365 dedicated support call center

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DocuLinks™ offers customized solutions for confidential, on-demand access to secure data, creating a secure yet accessible repository of critical corporate data. Documents and files are uploaded, categorized and organized for authorized parties to view in a controlled, monitored and highly secure environment. Our virtual data room services are maintained in state-of-the-art data centers and monitored 24/7/365. DocuLinks™ can be tailored to the needs of any specific client, but always include, at a minimum, these security features:

  • SSL certificates for industry standard encryption
  • RSA or VeriSign authentication services
  • Watermarking of documents with user IDs
  • Data tracking of hits and opens, identifying individuals and their activities
  • Automated termination of idle accounts
  • Fully redundant infrastructure with real-time mirroring, backup and restore

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