Donlin DocuLinks™ for Litigation Tracking

DocuLinks for Litigation Trackign combines easy online access to important case information in a secure environment backstopped by dedicated support team services. As a result, information can be compiled and mantained in real-time and in an organized fashion saving time and cost for case professionals.

DocuLinks for Litigation Tracking features include:

  • Immediate access to information including critical dates, discovery information and settlement data
  • Simultaneous access to data fields by teams of professionals from the same or multiple locations
  • Easy interface with coordinated data in one central repository
  • Customized data fields based on various case needs
  • Customized reports in Excel on as as needed basis
  • Email alerts regarding items such as changes in demand amounts, defendands to an action, settlement amounts, etc.
  • High level of security with encrypted information and optional RSA protection
  • Cloud backup of redundant systems protecting all data
  • Word search deature for individual or multiple adversary proceedings
  • 24/7/365 Dedicated Support Team / Call Center