Call Center

DRC is a leading provider of innovative technology solutions for restructuring transactions. In addition, we provide comprehensive communications advisory services to support our clients through the complexities of corporate restructurings and adversary situations, with a key strength being our expansive call center capabilities.

DRC is an affiliate of King TeleServices (“King”). King has successfully provided outsourced call center services to a variety of clients including DoITT (for 3-1-1 call taking services as well as project management support), DOHMH (for the nicotine patch campaign, working alongside DoITT), Fidelity Investments, The Bank of New York, Visa, Citibank, Hennessy Funds, Arial Capital Management, Verizon and others.

Capacity and Capability

  • 1,500+ seats
  • Located in the United States and Great Britain
  • Handles an average of 52,000 calls a day
  • Operates 24x7x365
  • Over 60 languages represented
  • Capable of producing 100,000s of documents per day
  • 1,200+ employee multi-lingual call center
  • USPS on premises


  • Live Call Center with toll free number
  • Outbound calling campaign (live or “robo-calls”)
  • Voicemail Box providing notification and allowing placed messages
  • Interactive Voicemail system allowing selection of variables, e.g. press 1 for claim
  • Automatic log of all received calls
  • Print media campaign directing to toll-free numbers
  • Communications and PR group to support campaign
  • Online claims filing and reporting system

Case Studies

We provided communications and consulting services to Visa in the historic restructuring which was a prerequisite to their IPO – the largest IPO in history at the time. We were charged with designing the communications approach to be used for communicating with internal stakeholders and employees at Visa member banks, with a minimum of one member bank in every country where Visa cards were accepted. Due to the fact that these stakeholders were spread throughout the globe, there was a need to approach each geography region individually, while still maintaining a macro focus. We provided extensive communications services through both written communications to Visa staff and member banks, and inbound and outbound global call center support to member banks in 150 countries worldwide. These call centers provided information and assistance to stakeholders who had questions regarding the impending IPO – in more than 60 native languages, all without translation.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg made making the City government more accessible to its residents a top priority. His goal was to not only make it easier to communicate with the City, but to make the City more efficient in the process. A key to accomplishing the Mayor’s goals in this regard has been 3-1-1. The City of New York realized that it needed a trusted partner to answer 3-1-1 calls. After extensive due diligence, including the vetting of prospective 3-1-1 service providers by third party experts, we were selected to be that partner. Since the launch of the 3-1-1 program, we have been responsible for answering 3-1-1 calls, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in English and Spanish, without fail. We have answered more than 11 million 3-1-1 calls to date. We also provide the voice disaster recovery (DR) solution for the City of New York in the form of a redundant PBX.

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