Creditor/Investor FAQ

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  • Who and what is a receiver?

    A receiver is an individual appointed by a state or federal court who works at the behest of the court to marshal, preserve, and protect assets that are the source of contention. The receiver is a neutral party who works at the direction of the appointing judge. In this case, Mr. Mosier was given the authority to take control of all of the assets of The Church for the Healthy Self, also known as CHS Trust, Kent R.E. Whitney, David Lee Parrish, and CHS Asset Management, Inc. He is a fiduciary to creditors and investors. Mr. Mosier is responsible for locating and recovering the Defendants' assets for the benefit of the receivership estate. Please contact his office if you have information that you believe would be helpful.

  • How long will the receivership take and how much money will be returned to investors and creditors?

    Because the receivership is in its early stages, it is premature to tell how long the receivership process will take or how much money will be recovered. We will update the website as more information is known.

  • Can I take my invested money out of CHS Trust?

    Unfortunately, investors cannot take their money out of CHS Trust at this time. Once Mr. Mosier learns more information about the total assets recovered, he will propose a plan of distribution to be submitted to the Court for approval. This is some time away.

  • How do I report my investment with CHS Trust on my taxes? Can I write off my investment loss?

    Unfortunately, we cannot provide any tax or legal advice and this question is best-answered by your CPA or tax preparer.

  • How do I file a claim to have my money returned?

    We will make a claim form available on this website at a later date that you can download and complete and return in accordance with instructions to be provided. The Court has not set a deadline for the filing of claims.