Request Student Records

On October 18, 2016, the CCI Student Creditors Trust filed a Motion requesting the Court to approve procedures regarding the retention, abandonment or disposal of Student Records. A copy of the full Motion can be found under the tab labelled “CCI Student Creditors Trust Motion for Retention, Abandonment, or Disposal of Student Records.” On November 15, 2016, the Court approved the motion. Below is a summary of the efforts undertaken by the Trust, along with an update on when the Trust expects to begin delivering requested documents to Students.

Please note that the Motion is unrelated to your efforts to achieve loan forbearance or discharge through the Department of Education.

The Student Trust was given a very large warehouse with approximately 30,000 boxes of paper documents at the conclusion of the Corinthian bankruptcy case. There was no index for these boxes. All of the former schools electronic records were transferred to Zenith Education Group, the owner of the schools that were not closed.

Please understand that there is no guarantee that we have any documents for any particular student.

The purpose of the Motion that was filed is to allow the Trust to take steps to scan the documents in the warehouse into a digital form that can be searched and organized. The Trust has been working closely with a third-party vendor, Rust Omni Management, to review the documents in the warehouse and to take all reasonable steps to scan as many of the documents as possible within the resources of the Trust.

Pursuant to the Motion and Order, the deadline to request all of your Student Records was January 23, 2017. However, even if you did not request all documents by January 23 2017, all Critical Documents, such as: diplomas; transcripts; student ledgers; enrollment agreements; and loan documents, are being scanned.

To request your Critical Documents, you must fill out the form below. To the extent any documents are located for you, they will be provided to you electronically by Rust Omni. Please note that prior to receiving any documents you also will need to sign a request and release form and provide Rust Omni with the last four digits of your social security number along with a copy of your Driver’s License, Passport, State issued identification card or other acceptable form of identification.

We expect that Rust Omni will begin rolling out e-mails regarding Student Records by mid-August, but it may take several weeks to a month to send out all of the e-mails.

Importantly, if you need your official transcripts, official transcripts can be ordered from Zenith Education Group, if your school was sold to Zenith and is still operating, or from the California Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education, if your school was closed. The Student Trust cannot provide you with an official copy of your transcript—the Trust does not have those electronic records and does not have the capacity to provide student transcripts to former students. Please visit the tab titled Transcripts for more information.