Defense to Repayment Program

The CCI Student Trust has been working with a number of public interest agencies and student outreach groups to broaden the opportunities for former Corinthian students to have access to relief from and/or discharge of their student loans. Below is information prepared by Public Counsel, one of the largest non-profit law firms, regarding the Defense to Repayment program established by the US Department of Education. We encourage you to review the information carefully as it provides easy to follow steps on how you might get relief from your student loan. As noted below, the CCI Student Trust does not know nor can it guarantee how long this program will be maintained by the Department of Education.

New online tool for students seeking forgiveness for federal loans:

Public Counsel, a non-profit law firm that has been representing Corinthian College students in their fight for economic justice, has created a new online resource for students to learn more federal student loan relief through the government's Borrower Defense to Repayment program.

What is Defense to Repayment?

Defense to Repayment is a FREE federal loan forgiveness program offered by the US Department of Education. Students of Corinthian Colleges (Heald, Everest, or WyoTech) are entitled to apply for student loan forgiveness through this program.

The federal government collected evidence that Corinthian College Inc, the business that owned Everest, WyoTech, and Heald Schools, committed fraud against their students, and agreed to forgive the students loans of students who attended certain programs during certain years. Upon determining that Corinthian had defrauded their students, the U.S. Department of Education began offering federal debt relief for former students.

The idea is that if you were the victim of fraud, you should not have to pay back the loans you took out for your education.

How to Apply for Defense to Repayment

If you have federal loans and you haven't applied for loan forgiveness through the DTR program, learn more about your options and the process at

Get step-by-step instructions for how to apply for federal loan forgiveness by watching this animated video: Get Started.

Find out if you are eligible for a Closed School Discharge or False Certification Discharge, which may be easier to obtain: Get Started.

Hear from former students about their experience with for-profit college fraud: Student Stories.

If you have already applied for Defense to Repayment, please share this resource with other former students.

Apply now!

We recommend former students apply for Defense to Repayment as soon as possible since this free government program is under threat from the current administration, so you may only have a limited time to apply. It may be a long time before you hear anything back on your application. There is no guarantee any application will be granted or that if it is, you will receive a 100% discharge or a refund.