Frequently Asked Questions

How do I handle a collection letter from companies like JNR Adjustment Company Inc.?

These collection letters were being sent on behalf of the Distribution Trustee, and not the Student Trustee. As of March, 2016, the Distribution Trustee directed JNR Adjustment Company to immediately stop all collection activities. If you are still receiving collection letters or calls, please contact the Student Trustee.


The Trustee of the Trust is Development Specialists, Inc. (“DSI”), a firm that specializes in serving as the fiduciary for post-confirmation (bankruptcy) trusts and has significant experience in educational issues and political action.  Geoffrey L. Berman is primarily responsible for the management of the Trust for DSI.  Robins Kaplan LLP, which served as counsel to the Student Committee in the bankruptcy cases, led by Scott Gautier, serves as general counsel to the Trust, aided by Public Counsel LLP as special counsel, and Polsinelli LLP as local counsel.

How does the Trust plan to pursue relief? 

It is too soon to outline a comprehensive plan.  However, many agencies and groups have been working to broaden the opportunities for former Corinthian students to have access to discharge of their student loans.  The Trust hopes to support and expand the efforts of entities that include several States Attorneys General, Public Counsel, as well as individual student outreach groups.  The Trust is already working to expand and develop the legal evidentiary basis that it and other groups can utilize to continue to argue for broader collective, rather than individual, relief.   Although the development of a broad evidentiary record may not sound glamourous, or grab headlines, it is resource-intensive work that will vastly improve the strength of the arguments advanced for more broad-based relief.  Once more broad-based evidentiary support is compiled, the Trust will be able to focus on outreach to assist groups and individual students in utilizing the evidence to support claims for student loan discharge.

Will my Loans be discharged? 

It is impossible to predict the level of success that the Trust and other groups will ultimately achieve. We believe that the efforts of groups such as Public Counsel, various States Attorneys General and the Corinthian Student Creditor Committee all added pressure to the calls for the Department of Education to modify student loan discharge rules for former Corinthian students. The Trust will keep former Corinthian students apprised as there are further developments that will make it easier to obtain a student loan discharge.

The Department of Education has set up special student loan cancellation programs for students that attended some Corinthian schools, but it is limited to certain programs and certain years of attendance. The Trust is directing its efforts to expand the scope of this relief. To see if you qualify, now, for student loan cancellation, please visit the Department of Education’s Corinthian webpage, here, and follow the links and questions.

Can I stop paying my loans for now? 

The Trust cannot provide individual advice to students with respect to your student loans.  The Trust is aware that many former Corinthian students are participating in a student-loan repayment strike and the Trust cannot take part in any such efforts.  You should be aware that the failure to pay your loans has a negative effect on your credit and things such as buying a car or a house can be become a very difficult proposition.

Can I individually sue Corinthian Colleges? 

It is up to you whether to file a lawsuit against Corinthian Colleges, but you should be aware that Corinthian Colleges no longer exist and any assets that the institution had have been distributed.  The Trust received the relatively minor amount of cash that was available and will utilize what is available to work on ways to deliver cancellation of student loan debt to former Corinthian students.

Where can I get my Transcripts?

Please click here

Will I receive a cash distribution from the Trust? 

A very limited number of students that made cash deposits for classes in the final semester of the school’s existence which classes were cancelled or did not occur, will receive a limited refund from the Trust by order of the Bankruptcy Court.  It is anticipated that these distributions will be ready in late December, 2015.

It is unlikely that any other students will ever receive a cash distribution from the Trust.  Rather the funds in the Trust will be utilized to try to deliver significant student loan debt cancellation to as many former Corinthian students as possible.   

I did not vote in favor of the Plan or submit a claim, will my loans still get relief? 

The fact that you may not have voted in favor of the Plan will not affect your ability to share in the relief the Trust is able to provide.  The Trust is working on ways to get student loan debt cancellation for the widest possible group of former Corinthian students.

How will I know if my loans are eligible for relief? 

You will get notice from the Trust and/or the court.

What is the CCI Student Trust Doing Today ?

The following is a partial list of some of the activities underway by the Trust and its professionals today:

The Trust is obligated to administer refund claims for students that made deposits prior to the schools going out of business.  This process is a cumbersome administrative process that involve the review of bankruptcy claims and the schools former accounting records.

The Trust is reviewing agreements related to electronic student records and warehouses of abandoned physical student records to determine whether and how such records should be preserved.  The Trust is also working to determine whether private and state agencies that are obligated to preserve the important student transcript records have the information that they need and are fulfilling their obligations.

The Trustee is getting familiar with the special needs of this Trust and working with counsel and the Student Managers to develop strategies to help students get relief from their loans.  The Trustee has begun discussions with political connections to shape a strategy for assisting in the push for political or legislated relief for former Corinthian students.

The Trust has started a long and arduous task of developing an evidentiary record for students enrolling at different time periods and different schools that shows the misrepresentations made to students.  Unless and until the government is willing to provide collective and widespread relief to students, each student will need to make an individual application for student loan cancellation.  The Trust hopes to be able to provide students with the specific evidentiary basis that they will need for their applications.  As these evidentiary records are developed for different classes of students, the Trust will try to reach out to the covered students and make them aware of the availability of an evidentiary packet for their year and school.

The Trust has begun to work with a few firms that are providing pro bono services to individual students to get a better sense of the process for obtaining student loan discharge for former Corinthian students that is currently in place.  The Trust believes that a better understanding of the roadblocks in the current system is important to create and convey methods to improve the current system.

The Trust is dedicated to maintaining and expanding this website to help students know what is being done on their behalf.  The Trustee is aware that there are social media avenues available to students to voice their concerns and while the Trustee will not become part of those social media avenues, we will be kept apprised of issues courtesy of the student managers on the Oversight Board.